The bump

The bump - Donald Green

Never piss off a pregnant woman! Trust me, you don’t want to do that, unless you are ready to face the wrath of all of the women, embodied into one single person. Oh, boy! I just experienced a crazy incident. I can’t believe what just happen! Jeez! 

I was stepping out from a car rental agency, heading towards my newly rented car when I accidentally bumped into a woman pushing a stroller. I was looking down, checking a message on my phone and I did not see her. My mistake! Due to the fact I literally ran into her, she lost her balance and almost fell down. She struggled to keep her balance until she reached on the handle of stroller. Luckily she did, because otherwise she might have fallen and then I would have been facing a lawsuit for provoking her a miscarriage or something similar.

I was glad to see that she did not fall. I got worried seeing that she was having a child inside the stroller, thinking that he might have got hurt. I was relieved to see that his mother was still standing. The next second when I turned my head towards her and I saw she was having a huge belly, I freaked out.

I felt horrible for bumping into a woman who was expecting, probably about to deliver the baby within a month or two. Once she gained back her balance and took a moment to breath, she started to shout at me. For about three minutes she went on calling me names and addressing all sort of injuries at my address. The guilt made me keep my mouth shut the whole time she was yelling at me.

Her baby who was seated in the stroller heard her raising her voice and he started to cry. She continued to scold me while she was attending to him. Since she did not seem to present any injuries, I decided it was best for me to apologize once more and leave the scene before it turned into a scandal. 

As soon as she saw me walking away she shouted even louder, as if I was a sort of attacker.  Needless to say that the people on the street were looking at me as if I had harmed her or tried to rob her. I am sure that in their eyes I was a sort of criminal harassing a poor pregnant lady.