Cracks Are Signs of Aging in a Parking Lot

Cracks Are Signs of Aging in a Parking Lot - Donald Green

When you start noticing cracks in the pavement, it is a sure sign that the pavement is aging. If you seal these cracks as soon as you notice them, then water infiltration will be reduced and you will save yourself extensive repair and money.

For years, I have been noticing how professional maintenance companies have been handling the sealing of cracks. I live in Toronto and have observed how these people seal the cracks in roadways and parking lots.

If you are a property owner or a manager, you have to be aware that all services concerning sealing of cracks are not the same. Sealing of cracks can be broken down into three types or categories:

  • Filling of cracks – crack filling will need topical sealing in the pavement cracks without the need of preparation of any kind. This is the least effective when it is concerning sealing of cracks. Mere filling will be a temporary job as it will deteriorate after a single winter.

  • Blowing and filling cracks – this procedure will involve blowing out the debris from within the cracks. The cracks have to be cleaned completely and the debris has to be removed along with any weeds. The hot air lance will dry up the moisture in a matter of seconds and blows the cracks clean. This makes room for better adhesion. This is done with the help of the backpack blowers with compressed air. Then the pavement cracks are attended to with topical sealing. This will give a better life than mere crack filling as far as expectancy is concerned.

  • Routing and sealing the cracks – in this procedure, special routing equipment for the pavement is required to rout the cracks and this is done to a width of almost three quarters of an inch wide and almost half inch deep. This allows a decent reservoir of crack sealer that enables contraction and expansion. This is done in both a horizontal and vertical way. The cone filling of a rout is considered as the standard process for installing the sealant and sometimes, it could be over-banding. In this case, the crack is overfilled for the sealant to spread on to the pavement around the cracks. This method gives a joint which can be crack-sealed and the failure rate of this process is low. You can expect the life expectancy of this kind of a job would be around ten years.

The rout and seal procedure will preserve your payment in the long run and will give you value for money. Crack sealing is a necessary component of any park paving in Edmonton, Alberta management program.