Dealing with Momzilla

Although three months passed since I returned to Canada, I still didn’t get a chance to get all of my things back into the apartment. Mainly because the apartment was rented until this past month. Even if I would have emptied my storage quebec, I had no place to deposit all my stuff. Thus, I had to wait for my tenant to leave, clean the place and only then bring some things back.

Another reason why the some pieces of furniture are still missing, is because my van broke down. If I had the van working, I could have loaded the furniture and within two trips, have it here. In my Mitsubishi, I can not carry big items like I do with the van. I can only bring boxes and small things that can actually fit in my trunk or on the back seats. Actually I have done three trips to the storage and back home, getting whatever I could fit in the car.

Anyway, the storage fee was not too high, so I was ok paying for one extra month. Unfortunately my wife was not too pleased to see that the apartment was not fully arranged when she arrived. She said that wasn’t what we had agreed to. I flew back here one two months earlier than she did, in order to have the house done by the time she and the baby returned. 

I did try my best to accommodate all of their needs. 

Lately it feels like no matter what I do or say, she is never happy or satisfied. There’s always something upsetting her. Sometimes I have no idea how to react in her presence. I don’t know her anymore. The baby changed her completely. I am aware it is not easy for her to nurse him each four hours. I also know that she is sleep deprived for months. But she is not alone in this. Our baby has two parents. 

What I don’t get is the fact that each time I volunteer to stay with the baby and let her sleep or simply go out for a walk and some fresh air, she refuses me. As if she is determined to do everything by herself, from A to Z. She’s a Momzilla, seriously. Being too overprotective is not good, neither for the baby nor her. I get it that I may not do everything the way she does it, that I may skip some steps, but I always make sure I am not skipping the important ones. Each one of us has his own way of parenting. I do things in a certain way, she may use a different approach. That’s fine with me, but not with her