Going back to where I proposed

Going back to where I proposed - Donald Green

My wife has always had a bit of a thing for shopping. It seems like barely a week goes by that we don’t end up in some small town, wandering the streets while she ducks under every one of the awnings in Montreal that she finds so that she can get a closer look at what the shops have to offer. It was this habit that gave me an idea when I decided that I wanted to propose to her, as she loves all of these little independent shops that line streets that barely anyone other than the locals know about.

She has always had a particular fondness for this one coffee shop that is a couple of towns over from us and we find ourselves in there much more often than I would expect given the distance. In fact, she makes a special effort to get over there with me at times, just because she enjoys the ambiance. I guess it must have one of the best awnings in Montreal or something because personally I’ve never thought that the coffee was all that great myself.

Still, the place clearly has a lot of significance to her for whatever reason so when I decided to propose I figured what better place than there? I took her into town and, as usual, she ended up ducking under practically all of the awnings in Montreal to see what new stock the various shops had procured. Eventually we found our way back to the coffee shop, as we always seem to do, and sat down for a little while, taking the world in and relaxing.

It was then that I decided to go for it. I got down on one knee and popped the question in front of a bunch of regular patrons of the place that we had gotten to know over the years. Thankfully she said "yes" almost immediately. A little over a year later we were married.

We don’t get into that town much anymore, but that is actually by design on our part. Every year, on the anniversary of the day that I proposed, we make a special trip into the town. My wife spends time under all of the awning Montreal and then we end up back where it all started for us. It’s become something of a tradition and I can’t wait to start bringing our children along when we eventually have some.