Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Healthy Home, Healthy Family - Donald Green

We have quite an old home and we have been residing here for last several years. A few days back, we started experiencing a bad odour which was actually coming out of the store room. At first, we ignored it. However, we became curious when the smell started becoming stronger. Everyone felt irritated and we were unable to find the cause as well.

My father suggested calling a team of professionals to finding out what it’s all about. He highly doubted that it was mold growing somewhere in the house but we could not identify the origin. My father called the team of an air quality testing in Montreal company.

They sent an inspector for checking out the house and finding out the main cause. The man came up with all of his equipments and checked out the entire house with his infrared camera. He found out that the store room walls had enormous amounts of mold hiding behind them. We were quite surprised about the fact of how could we not know about it. The culprit was right inside the house and we hadn't the slightest idea.

The inspector said that he would send his team for cleaning up the mess created by the mold. He also asked if any of us was sensitive to mold spores. My father confirmed that my grandmother was. He suggested that my father send her somewhere else for a day or two because it would have an effect on her respiratory mechanism.

We sent our grandmother to her friend's house for a few days and the entire team started working on the mold removal immediately. The entire work took about three days. First of all, they removed the mold with their covered hands. It took one entire day because the mold was rather massive. The next day, they started cleaning the entire house.

We noticed that the odour had disappeared within a couple of days. Now, our house is odour-free and healthy. We try keeping a good track of the cleanliness in all rooms of our house in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

A healthy, neat and clean home necessarily has a positive impact on the health of the people living inside. Since the time our house has been cleaned, I see smiles and satisfaction on everyone's face because the smell of the mold was intolerable.