A lovely neighbourhood

A lovely neighbourhood - Donald Green

I love our new neighbourhood. I am enjoying it because there are so many parks around. Each day we take our kid somewhere else. He is having a blast. We go to the park twice a day now that the weather got warmer and the winter seems to be a thing of the past. 

Today it was the first day when my little munchkin pedalled on his tricycle, all the way from home to the park and back. When we returned he was tired. He barely had the energy to climb the stairs. I was surprised he did not ask me to pick him up and carry him. That’s probably because I told him I was going to race him all the way up to our condo. 

Once we were home, he asked me to “massage” his legs before putting his to sleep for the nap. It was quite an adorable moment: “Daddy, mommy gives me a better massage; she masses all my body, not only my feet! My body is tired too, daddy, it carried me to the park, brought me back, fed me... it needs a massage!”

When his mother came back from work, she found him asleep. She did not expect that, given that it wasn’t his regular napping time. I explained to her he had pedalled a lot and that got him exhausted. She started to laugh saying that we should let him go on his tricycle more often, if he gets to sleep without making a fuss about it.

Since it was nice and warm outside, I brought her a glass of wine and asked how did her half day of work went. She said she spent half of the morning looking for a Event room rental company Montreal. Apparently she was not the only person who had the brilliant idea to book the place earlier than usual. She mentioned that she was supposed to go on Monday and visit two locations that could fit her number of guests. Hosting an event which will be attended by more than three hundred people requires a bigger location.

When our munchkin woke up he was happy to see that mommy was back home. As soon as he saw her, he started to tell her all about the new park where I had taken him in the morning. He was excited about it, that he started to stutter while he was talking. His mind was processing the thoughts much faster than he could express the mouth was slow to convey the message. I asked him to take a deep breath and start his sentence again, without feeling pressured or rushed. Mom was there for him, and there was no reason to speak that fast. He gave me one of his looks, than he started again. This time, he took my advice and spoke slower, without stuttering.