Mold Removal In Montreal: The Story With The Happy Ending

Mold Removal In Montreal: The Story With The Happy Ending - Donald Green

Dan is a  young father of two from Montreal. He moved into his brand-new apartment and was very happy about it, but that wouldn't last for long. After a while, one of his children and his wife developed an allergy and, as it was discovered, the source was the black mold nestling in the ventilation system of the house. As he would know later, all residents of his house suffered from such mysterious allergies. Some of them even decided to move out. Dan didn't know what to do but luckily, while walking with his younger child, he met Nick, the director of mold removalin Montreal and told him his story.

Dan ended up his story with this:

"I went to our housing company. Experts came and applied some blue liquid to the ventilation. Later I would know that it was the copper spray. After a week I discovered a fungus again, that time in the bathroom's ventilation. I went up to my fourth-floor neighbor who had recently applied some good detergent. I rang his door, nobody opened me. I smelled the bad odor from the apartment. I phoned him. The neighbor told me that he had bought the expensive antiseptic, applied it in his apartment but it had turned out to be very smelly and toxic, so he with his family had to go out of the city for a week until the smell disappeared."

We went to one Montreal company to buy the antiseptic. We were recommended some complex technology with water isolation, the primer coating, and many other complex procedures. They promised that experts would examine the apartment themselves and that the job would be done within two weeks. For the question of whether we could apply the antiseptic ourselves, they started reassuring us as they could explain us that "the technology is very complex and cannot be violated, otherwise the mold will appear again".

Nick gave him his contacts, consulted him how it was better to remove fungi and mold quickly and in a reliable manner. It was important for Dan to solve this issue as quickly as possible. So, next day he treated all suspicious parts in his apartment.

After that, the housing company phoned Nick's mold removal company to help them. After the team had urgently driven to the location, they examined the building and discovered the source of mold. The water isolation had been done wrongly in the house's cellar which had flooded earlier. The location of the leak had been temporary filled in, but water was soaking in other places. As a result of concentrated humidity, mold had started growing on the cellar's walls and its spores spread through ventilation holes and the lift tower had been spread all over the house and had even reached the attic, poisoning residents.

Mold fungi are quite undemanding; they need only the humid environment for the growth. It's difficult to discover them. Fungi can live on brick and concrete walls, in cellars, behind the furniture or inside it, feeding not only on human food but also on the wood.

Living and developing, fungi emit liquid and volatile toxins, as well as spores, which are spread by air currents and enter into the respiration system. There are three impacts of the human body:

1. Toxic;
2. Allergic; and
3. Cancerous.

After experts of Nick's company had discovered the fungus and its type, they applied the antiseptic solution on the watery basement on affected places. All sources of mold were completely removed. For prevention, that was done again. They made the solid water isolation in the building's cellar. Works were done within the short period of time and eco-friendly materials allowed residents not to leave their apartments during works.

So Nick and his team were able to destroy the enemy, dangerous for humans and buildings, which is the mold, just for several days as well as to solve the allergic issue without doctors' assistance. The story of that mold came to the end thanks to experts' participance and unique materials. And the story of the young family has become the reason for many people to be more confident that it's possible to protect yourself from "demon's" intrusion in your house.