My Professional Vacations

My Professional Vacations - Donald Green

I just returned from one of the most marvelous trips of my life. I went to explore India and I must confess that it was my pleasure to visit such an amazing country in my lifetime. I have always dreamt of visiting India since my childhood and now  with this trip my dream finally came true. I cannot really put it in words how I felt exactly while coming back home but one word that comes to mind is fulfillment. India is cherished for the multi-cultured traditions and rituals followed respectfully. Organizing the visit of Bharat is often an excellent plan as the Indian tourist industry has a lot to supply.  Indian generosity is simply mind-blowing. They treat the visitors as royalty.

The wide range of spicy and light food offered by the people there is simply unique and was actually a new experience for my taste buds. Each state has its own unique style of preparing food and serving it with the utmost respect and honor.

I always thought that India would be all about untidy places and not very attractive. But I do recommend tourism in India as it is one of the finest things a person can experience in lifetime at least once and get out of their comfort zones and get a new insight on living. Explore India spiritually as India can be tremendously inspiring and energizing for the soul. Many people together come to India to learn yoga, change their minds, or spend some time at an ashram.  I visited Haridwar, one of the main hindu religious places and attended the prayers near the river Ganges. Trust me; it is such an exceptional feeling of calmness as if I were connected to God directly.

Being a traveler by profession and by choice I would say visiting India was simply a extraordinary experience for me and will remain in my heart always.

My next destination is Toronto. I have not yet taken a vacation to that part of the world. I am really excited to explore more about Toronto. The most excellent way of gaining knowledge about a place is to perform a simple research on it. I also wanted to get a job in the SEO Montreal Company. Therefore, I just typed SEO Toronto in the most popular search engine that is Google and got the results immediately. It appears to be a fun loving place. I gained a good amount of knowledge about this town and looking forward to visit next month. See you in Toronto.