A new diet

A new diet - Donald Green

Fudge! I had written a whole page in here and I just lost it! Darn it! I poured my heart and soul for the past twenty minutes and all is gone! A single power cut and boom! Vanished! How come it was not automatically saved, I do not get it. It had never happened before. So strange! Usually most of my posts get saved even if my laptop’s battery dies in the middle of the creative process.

Anyway, since I won’t be able to write once more the exactly same thing, I am just going to recap the facts. It’s past midnight and my eyes are already tired. I can’t spend an extra half an hour giving you all the details, which you probably don’t even care about.

Let’s start by saying I found a private mortgage lender that could help me get my dream house. I have a pile of papers to fill in and return to them as soon as possible. Finding them at this specific moment, was a blessing. I won’t say more about it, now. Maybe I will have another post about the entire process, to let you know how it was done.

Also I have to tell you that as of this morning, I started a new diet which I plan to stick to. It seems a bit harsh when you read what you are not allowed to eat, but when you get the hang of it, you see that there are endless culinary possibilities to explore. Oh, I forgot to tell you what diet I am on. I am talking about gluten free, sugar free, yeast free diet. 

My physician recommended it to me saying that would help me get back in shape and it would also reduce some of the inflammation caused by my sickness. He spent about half an hour talking to me about it, answering all of my questions. I left his office with a print of the things I should avoid eating and couple of links to some pages on the gluten free, sugar free and yeast free diet. I call it GSYFree. 

When I got home and I started to read how many products were containing sugar, I sort of freaked out. All of the things I had in my kitchen were loaded with sugar. And I am not talking only about the sweets. The cans, the bread, the compotes, the juices, the pre-cooked meals, etc. Imagine that I had to remove them from the shelves, and give them away.