Quality wedding photography and how to get it

Quality wedding photography and how to get it - Donald Green

Since I sold my GTA car rental agency, I own a small photography studio for last two years. I work quite a lot, and I am happy with my work. Most of my work is in doing studio portraits. I enjoy working with people and trying to get the best from them. I believe every person is beautiful, although it may take some time to find that beauty.

Working as a wedding photographer is much more demanding for me. You are in a virtually uncontrolled environment and you need to find the best shoots at any time no matter the weather. It is not that easy, but with some practice I believe I can do it in the best possible way.

A few months ago I did my first wedding shoot. Results were not spectacularas I noticed some mistakes, but my clients were satisfied. I have done two more weddings since and can see a marked improvement in my abilities. Now, I would like to continue working on weddings, since it is a nice job and a good pay.

I tried to advertise my new service at my studio and some other areas, but it did not help too much. Now I am looking for a new way to find more customers. Someone told me I could try on a fashion show.

When I come to think about it, I realize that it is not such a bad idea. Those shows are places where future husbands and wifes come to find wedding ideas. Often they contrat the services they need at the event too. Of course, everything is there in one place, and therefore much easier and quicker to do it that way.

I started researching about bridal shows and where they'd be in the near future. I found seven of them, but four of them were out of my league. They were just too expensive. That is why I concentrated on the remaining three. First one was in two weeks, at the gymnasium about half an hour away from here.

I called the organizer. A very pleasant lady answered and she explained everything to me. When I told her I had never participates at such a show, she offered to meet me and tell me what I should do. I agreed and the next day she visited my studio. She liked my pictures and assured me coming to this show was a great decision. She was sure I will find many customers there.

All I need to prepare are some things she had suggested in order to look more professional. I will take her advice as I am sure this will be very good professional move for my studio.