A well-travelled gift

A well-travelled gift - Donald Green

This spring my toddler turned two. Since he is the only grandchild in our family and everyone adores him, for his birthday we received a lot of gifts for him. From toys and articles of clothing to gift cards and fancy electronic gadgets.

We told to our relatives that they exaggerated with the gifts, and that he is only two years old. He would not spend too much time playing with only one toy; his attention span was still too short. Plus, my wife and I we were giving him too many toys in the same time, but that did not count. We were told that he was the birthday boy and the gifts were for him and not us. Well, since we saw there was no way to reason with any of the family members regarding this issue, we simply thanked everyone and kept our opinions to ourselves.

One of the most travelled gifts that our son received is an inflatable pool for kids, a mini version of the Naughty palace, sent by one of my aunts who live in Melbourne. When she called on his birthday to wish our little one, she just mentioned that his present was on the way. Nothing else. One of my mom's sisters who was travelling to Sri Lanka and Australia, had met with my aunty in Melbourne and picked up my son`s present. On her way back she had a stopover for couple of days in Dubai and then she flew back to New York.

In New York, the gift was given to my brother's ex-girlfriend who lives in Calgary and comes once a month to Toronto. (Luckily, her and my brother, are still in good terms.) She handed the package to my brother in Toronto and he brought it to us, last month.

Imagine our surprise to the size of the pool, and how much it has gone around the world. It travelled from Asia to North America by plane; it was driven on the Alberta asphalt, fawn again from Calgary to Toronto, and on the road again from there to Montreal.

Initially I thought she shouldn't have gone through all these efforts in order to send us a kid’s pool. When I checked online for the instructions of the pools, I was shocked to see it was so costly. She had splurged big time on the pool. I wouldn't ever buy my kid such an expensive gift.

That very evening I wrote an email to my aunt thanking her for the unexpected gift. I told her he was thrilled, as well as all the other children on our street. Some of them even knew it came from Australia. I heard one of the kids saying to my toddler that his aussie pool was awesome.