When I Bought My First Property

When I Bought My First Property - Donald Green

I was always interested in starting my own real estate business. I never thought that I would ever be able to purchase my own property because we did not have good earnings and not much in the way of savings in our hands neither.

In spite of the fact that my family was not that rich, my interest grew and I started developing a passion for this career. I completed my higher education at an ordinary college and started working at a nearby restaurant.

My workplace was at a distance of half-hour's walk from my home. I didn’t have a car so I used to walk to my work. My sole interest was to look at the nearby houses and to guess their prices. I had a rich friend whose father used to work in the business of real estate. I used to spend my free time with him at his office and started learning things about the business from him. Fortunately, his father was a very helpful and generous person and he agreed to teach me everything about the business.

By the time I got fully immersed in the business, I planned to start my own real estate agency. I was quite experienced at that time and completely understood the business. I actually helped my uncle (my friend’s father) in selling few of his properties and earned handsome commission. Meanwhile, I kept working in the restaurant as well.

Ten years passed and the time came when I was ready to purchase my very first property. The guy had to sell it because he was leaving to work in Pipe lining Toronto. Although I didn’t have much savings but I took bridge loan to purchase my first house. A private loan are the best way when it comes to purchasing a property. The money that I obtained through this loan helped me in starting my real estate property business.

By using my strength, interest and knowledge in that particular field, I sold my first house for a handsome profit. I gradually started purchasing more properties. As I became a trustworthy client of the bank, they did not fear lending me bridge loans for purchasing my property.

I became quite rich over a period of time because of my successful real estate business. Bridge loans were my partners in need and they helped me in living that feeling that I used to live in my dreams a few years ago.