Zara - Donald Green

Before marriage, my wife and I, we decided to have two children: a boy and  a girl.  We didn't want to have only one child, thinking that he would be spoiled and he would turn into a rascal. Plus the child would need a friend, a playmate. We both have no siblings and we wished that we had a brother or a sister when we were kids. Thus, we dreamt of having first a boy, than a girl.

When my wife got pregnant, we realized that life didn't really stick to our original plan.

We were expecting to have a boy, but we found out we were having triplets. Imagine how shocked we were when we heard the news. Not one baby, not two, but three! And three girls!

Actually, until the sixth month, I was still hoping that one of the babies would be a boy! I guess it was not meant to happen.

No one in our families ever had twins or triplets. It was the surprise of the century. The doctor also agreed that it was very unusual to have triplets, if there were no cases in the family, or without artificial insemination.

We knew that becoming a parent was not an easy job. It required a lot of changes, sacrifices and lots of love. We were ready to do all that, even if the workload was triple. In the first months, we had to hire a nanny, but after the first year we managed to do it all by ourselves.

Our little angels are five years old now. Although they are identical, they have totally different characters. Marge has a very girly, princess type, attitude. She gets upset easily and she would cry out of anything. Chloe, who was born second, is more independent. She likes to do things by herself, she loves new challenges. She seems to be more mature than her sisters. She adores drawing and spending time outdoors.

Zara, our little one, is my favorite, if I can say that. Don't get me wrong, I love them all equally! It’s just that Zara has naughtier look and most of the times she would act as if she was a little boy, not a girl. Unlike her sisters, she never liked to play with dolls or soft toys. She preferred cars and anything with wheels. Except her pretty girly face, everything about her would make you think that she was a boy.

She was fascinated by cars and trucks from a young age. She is able to identify all the brands she sees on the road, only by looking at the emblems. Recently she asked me if a truck restraints system was different from a car’s? My wife was stunned when she heard her question. Before I answered to my daughter's question, she said to me that we had two girls and one boy.